Hi, I’m Chester and in early December I was introduced to my new forever family and they took me home to Toronto from the Ottawa area – (that’s me on the right in the black bed).  I learned a lot from my foster parents and my furry foster sister so I was able to adjust very quickly. It is really easy to entertain my new family – all I have to do is sit up on my hind legs and wave my paws at them and they all melt!  I cock my head from side to side when they talk to me and they really think I am listening!  I have really become attached to one of my sisters, but in her absence, any lap or bed will do.  Just when I thought I had the run of the roost a new furry sister arrived in March.  She had been over for a couple of play dates and I found her rather amusing for a girl (that’s her on the left on the red bed).  My family calls her Twinkle.

Hi, I’m Twinkle and I let Chester think he has the run of the roost!  I may be smaller than him, but he doesn’t push me around at all.  I’ve been through a lot in my months in CCRT foster care, and my forever family waited a long time for me.  I think they will work out just fine – I just have to train them on a few more things!  My new brother and I have a pretty good time together chasing each other around, rolling around, playing and finding objects to play tug of war like socks or gloves.  Sometimes when we’re done, Chester is panting.  I bet he loses a pound or two!  I usually let him rest when I am done with him.  Here’s our mom, I want to go and chase Chester.

The “kids” have said it all.  My family and I are very grateful to CCRT and especially Rachel and Kristen for all of their care, dedication and hard work with our “kids”.  They bring great joy and much laughter into our home and we are thankful for all of the hard work that you all do.  You are special people.

Anna Marie, Ivi, Natalie, Chester and Twinkle