The CCRT recently received this letter from Shelly. Her mom adopted Chester from us recently and this is what they have to say about their very special furry friend:Chester

It took 3 weeks, but Chester now sleeps on the bed with Mom, sits on her lap happily and gives kisses. He makes his “I love you” snorty noises while being kissy-kissy. Chester will allow Mom to touch his paws, even to clip his toenails! He is horribly spoiled – he now has a wardrobe, complete with parkas, raincoats, sweaters and a fancy rhinestone-studded collar. He does not like his boots, but he has them!

He reigns supreme in the house. He cannot abide by the cat, and any little noise has him barking and warning off the noise maker. It’s funny because he does not bark nor get territorial when Mom is not home; I think he believes his job is to protect her and warn her of potential trouble.

Chester doesn’t like the cold, the snow or inclement weather of any kind, preferring to do his business and get back inside the house where that warm woman will cuddle him up! His furthest walks have been to pick Charlie up from school, but since the snow finally got here, most of that ‘walk’ is inside my coat.

Charlie is ‘his’ boy, and Chester is Charlie’s dogCHester. The favourite game remains catch and fetch, but frozen peanut butter inside a small kong toy is hilarious!

Needless to say, Chester is fully ‘home’, and he knows it. He ignores his dog kibble on a permanent basis, knowing full well he’ll get anything on that woman’s plate, and if he dances at the fridge, goodies will appear promptly. His body is still quite muscular with all his play and duties, but I’ve had to adjust his collar a few times.

Thanks CCRT!