Who knew that by bringing this pretty boy into our lives would bring so much joy!

August 24, 2007, the day it all began… Our long drive home from his very loving foster home in Tilsonburg, with Chico in tow. Nowhere was too far for us to travel to make sure Chico came home to us as soon as he was ready & our home has not been the same since. Chico has made quite the stir in our neighbourhood both young & old seem to fall in love with our little guy. He adores the attention & I can’t blame him, afterall he is quite the handsome charmer.

Chico’s calm demeanour is something of a mystery to us because really, if you were given the world in the form of unconditional love, yummy treats, cool toys, long hiking trail walks & then some more more more love wouldn’t you be bouncing off the walls!!! Our little prince is far too refined for such behaviours instead he chooses to gently cuddle & roll over to get his monthly belly rubs. He loves romping in the backyard & is learning to play fetch along with a few more tricks. His monthly appearance at our neighbourhood’s school bus stop in the mornings has become not only his monthly highlight, but that of all of his adoring fans. He has won over his vet & has her marvelling over his unique disposition. We love our new addition & really need to thank CCRT for doing such a thorough job in ensuring Chico was right for us & we were right for Chico!!!

With much love & thanks… Wendy, Wayne & Chico