Chloe is an energetic 1 year old Chihuahua who trotted into our house and took over the space and our hearts. At the same time Chloe joined us, another rescue dog, Jewel, a 5 year old Yorkie-Poo, came into our home. The two of them sniffed each other, found the most comfortable chair, and curled up together. Perhaps Chloe’s outgoing, assertive personality complements Jewel’s low-key, gentle approach.

Because Chloe is high energy, she and I are doing a people-dog exercise class. At the class, we get to walk, run, jump over bars, dive into tunnels, and Chloe gets to practice her sit-stay while I do jumping jacks and lunges.

Both Chloe and Jewel come to my office each day where I work at a church. Gentle Jewel sits quietly and offers a greeting with her black eyes in her black face, looking like she holds the wisdom of the world. Chloe is learning to sit rather than jump, grin rather than growl–her protective instincts are well-honed. Both love to get their morning liver treat from our administrator who loves “her girls.”

Thanks for such wonderful gifts! Abigail