May 2008

Hi, we’re Connie and Mocha, we are two lovely girls (so our mom and dad have told us) who were adopted in November. Our mom and dad saw our pictures on the web, and fell in love with us right away and applied to adopt us. We now have a forever home. We have our own room to play in while mom and dad are at work and a new floor was installed just for us. In our room we have a couch, 3 beds, a radio and a TV. We really don’t watch much TV but we do listen to the radio when we are home alone. We also have a large fenced in yard to play in. Mom and Dad have started taking us for walks when the weather permits. We weren’t too excited about the idea at first but now we love it. We still find the world a scary place at times but with mom and dad by our side we are slowly learning to trust.

We would like to thank everybody that helped bust us out of the prison we were in and a special thank you to our foster parents, Kathleen and Albert, who kept our bellies full, put a roof over our heads and helped us gain our strength back. They are very kind and dedicated people and found the most perfect forever home for us. Also, thank you to everyone at CCRT for all your time, energy and great work.

Connie, Mocha, Randy and Peggie

Update: January 2009

I thought you might like to know that Connie and Mocha have graduated from the intermediate class at PetSmart. This class consisted of a total of 5 small dogs including our two. One tiny Chihuahua, one Chihuahua mix, a papillon and of course their owners and a couple of kids. We are very proud of our girls and they certainly have earned a place in the trainer’s heart. He tells everyone about how far they have come. He certainly has earned his bragging rights. We plan to enroll them into the advanced when the weather is better for them and we can practice walking.