Hope you are doing well! I thought I would drop you a line and let you know how miss Connie is doing.

We have had her in our home for just over a month and she is a completely different dog than the one we met. She is so happy and playful and really seems to be settling in nicely. She gets along great with her chihuahua sister Jemma and her cat siblings but most of all she has bonded with her little (human) brother Roman. She follows me everywhere when I am holding him just to make sure he is alright and not too far from her. She goes out for walks with me everyday and has become a pro on the leash. I have to admit I was a little afraid to try walking her along side the baby stroller in fear that she would try to run away but the first time we went out with it she acted like she has been walking alongside the stroller her whole life. We have taken her into our yard without a leash to give her some freedom, which she loves!

Jemma and Connie chase each other around the whole yard and if I didn’t stop them so they can come inside I’m sure they would spend the whole day playing out there. She has taken the position of guarding the house very seriously and lets us know when someone is at the door… even if she hears a doorbell on TV she barks to sound the alert!

She has found her spot in our bed at night and LOVES to snuggle under the blankets with Jemma. When she came to us she could not go up and down the stairs or jump up on the couch/bed but she learned very quickly that she is more than capable of doing all those things. She runs up and down the stairs without problem but if she feels to rushed going up them she will sometimes stumble but never fall.

She is still a little timid in new places and when people come over but she is warming up to “strangers” and is becoming brave enough to have people hold and cuddle her. She is such a pleasure to come home to because she gets so excited and wiggles like crazy… She also makes the strangest but cutest grunting noises while she is putting on her happy dance. It is truly remarkable to see the changes in her in such a short amount of time. I know that within another few months she will be a confident girl who loves everyone she meets.

I want to thank everyone who made her adoption possible for us. We are so happy with the new addition to our family!!

Thanks again for everything!

Rachel, Grant, Roman and of course Jemma