Hi everyone, This has taken a very long time to write but I had my heart surgery March 10th, 2009 thanks to CCRT ,and I have recently celebrated the first year of my new life. It is so wonderful to be able to run and play with my furry brother and sister. My Mom often throws my toys and I love to run and proudly bring them back to her. I also love to jump into the toy box and remove as many toys as possible. I love to run and play outside when I have the chance, snow,rain, sun, it doesn,t matter to me.Life is really grand. Although I am going to be 2 in July, Mom still calls me her puppy. I guess that the first 8 months of my life were not that much fun. I couldn’t get into a lot of mischief. Now I can!!!

I knew that I was in my forever home long before the people did. It was always so comfortable in my Mom’s arms.I spent a lot of time there when I was having those awful “episodes” prior to my surgery. And now I just love to be in her arms, always ready to give big licks. Often I fall asleep draped over her shoulder. Aw, isn’t life grand?

I really need to thank my first family who surrendered me to CCRT. They did so with love and all the best intentions for me. And CCRT,what can I say.Thank you just doesn’t quite cut it.The whole organization gave me support throughout my ordeal and the support given to Mom was never ending. THANK YOU!!! for all that you did.