Dexter has been with our family for 2 weeks now. He has fit right in and it’s like he was always ours.

Dexter had a previous family that gave him up, so he came to us with some training (potty outside and walking on a leash, etc) so we are working with him to stop jumping on the coffee table, using an indoor litter box and how to sit nicely and greet visitors appropriately. In return, Dexter has taught us not to leave any food on the coffee table or it WILL be stolen! He is starting training classes next week.

Our 8 year old chi, Grissom, has adapted quite well to the new addition, although Dexter’s energy level and running around in circles annoys him at times. Grissom and Dexter share a love of napping on the couch and sleeping with my husband and me at night (under the covers of course!). As well, Dexter loves to play with his ‘stuffy rat’ toy and likes to lay on a mat in the sun by the sliding door. our family has gained tremendously and we are happy to provide Dexter with all the love and snuggles and positive family environment he can stand!

Thanks, CCRT for helping us make our family complete!