We’re ecstatic about our new little guy Diamond. He is the sweetest thing ever, and seems to have settled in to his new home very nicely.

Diamond loves going for pretty substantial walks (considering his size) and sniffs anything and everything he can get his nose on. His curiosity, independence and mild nature make him the perfect companion for our gentle, shy and submissive miniature poodle Logan. She likes to follow Diamond to get in on all the really good smells. They like to sleep beside each other on the couch in the day. Yesterday we caught them snuggled up, where Logan had her head on his bum, so cute. At night everyone’s in our bed. Diamond likes my side and Logan takes the middle. He’s a very happy little guy; loves kisses, belly rubs, car rides, visitors, other dogs and all the attention you can give him 🙂

We couldn’t have asked for a better match for us and our little girl Logan. We would like to thank all of the volunteers that we’ve met and the ones that we haven’t.yet, for being so helpful and dedicated to finding sweet dogs like Diamond a loving home and for helping us find the forth member of our family.

Adriana and Chris