Dina (formerly Tina) was adopted in 2005 by Rose in Winnipeg. Rose had recently lost her Chihuahua, another CCRT rescue, and contacted us when she felt ready again to let another little dog into her life. Lucky for Dina that Rose sent that note!

Rose and Dina have become quite the formidable duo in Rose’s apartment building. Dina rides on the floor of Rose’s scooter and enjoys playing in the yard and spending as much time as possible outdoors. Rose spoils her dog endlessly and together, the two of them make each other very happy.

Rose kindly sends update emails on a regular basis to the CCRT. We were saddened to learn recently that Dina may be losing her eyesight but know that she is in extremely capable hands with Rose. Here is an excerpt from one of Rose’s emails:

“I thought from the start how well matched Dina and I are- but now that her vision is poor I think it is an extra blessing for her and me. She would be so scared to be in a home where there is a lot of activity with people moving around quickly as she is such a gentle shy little girl.

I love her and she is so precious to me. We just fit each other like two halves of a whole – if that makes sense. She is so smart & I know when she wants her water changed (which is often, lol), when she is hungry ahead of her routine meals times, when she wants to go to her bedroom bed but wants me to go into the bedroom with her, etc. She eats, drinks, po’s and pees with no problems and the oil her Vet told me to put on her food continues to keep her skin problems away completely.”

Rose, thank you for being such an amazing forever mom to our precious Dina!