When we brought Dozer home and let him out of his carrier he was quite curious and wanted to check out everything all at once. He was naturally scared at first, but offered up his belly for a belly rub on the first night.

He warmed up to us quite quickly and has tried on several occasions to play with our 8 year old Chihuahua, Noodles.  Noodles is still apprehensive with him, but is getting used to him being around.  Sometimes Noodles leaves Dozer some kibble when he eats because he doesn’t want Dozer stealing it from him. Dozer is quite cheeky with Noodles!

The weekend after we brought Dozer home, we took him to our vet for a check-up and found out that he isn’t blind in one eye and doesnt have a patellar luxation as once thought! We were told by our vet that Dozer is really bright and active for a dog with his condition. (Hydrocephaly). So far we haven’t seen Dozer suffer from his condition and he is a bright, active, curious, sweet and friendly little fellow who loves to go outside.

Dozer doesn’t say much, but we have heard him bark once or twice and he whined a few times when Noodles didn’t respond to his playful gestures. He wags his tail a lot and jumps up on his back legs and puts his front paws on us to say he is ready to be picked up.  He also likes to come up on the bed in the middle of the night and sleep at our feet for a bit, then go back to the laundry basket to curl up.

Johnny & I are so glad we have Dozer in our lives now, we love him so much and just want him to have a comfortable, happy and loving life for as long as he is with us.