I’ve always wanted a dog but have only had cats , birds or fish . My husband was on and off about the idea but finally last year I was given the ok to start looking then when the time was right we would make more of a commitment into finding the right dog for our family of two kids and two cats!  I have always wanted a pug but  always said that I would rescue before ever actually buying one…well finding a pug that wasn’t a senior and in my local area was a little harder to find than I thought.

After a year of looking and researching I came across the CCRT and found a Chihuahua named Max who I was smitten with. After speaking with Terry and Max’s foster mom we decided he wasn’t the right pet for us but Terry did tell me about Dutchess who was just with the CCRT for  only a week or so. After talking it over with my husband we went up to meet Dutch and it was love at first sight … After we left we called up Terry and went through the adoption process, So while we were waiting for a decision from the CCRT we were also waiting to find out if my hubby was getting his dream job …

Well on A Thursday in February we found out Duchess was ours and my husband got the job he wanted…. I knew then that everything was meant to be and good times were ahead … Duchess is the most easy going fully trained well mannered ( ok besides the occasional chase she gives the younger cat..lol..) a person could ask for. I didn’t get the pug I wanted but I got one better , Duchess who’s a Chi/Pug  mix which is the best type ever. We are in love with our Dutchy poop and we are blessed that she’s ours :))

Thank You Terry for all you advice and help and to Duchess’s foster family who are the best!