We adopted Dylan (Rebar) on August 12, 2011 after seeing him on the CCRT adoption site.

After visiting him at the home of his foster mother Kate we decided he was the dog for us. A quick home visit from Christine and Reggie and an even quicker response from Terry and we were on our way to pick him up.

Dylan is very energetic and keeps us active and entertained with his playful behaviour. He enjoys his daily runs in the park and particularly chasing his new ball. At home he likes to play with his toys, chew his knuckle bone, and is very curious about what we are up to at all times.

Dylan has settled in well and we are very happy with him. We would like to thank everyone at the CCRT, especially Terry, Kate, and Christine for making this experience so positive and for giving us this opportunity to give Dylan a new home.

Paul and Sophie