What a wonderful weekend Gerry and I had bonding with our two boys. We still can’t believe that we have been so lucky to be the recipients of these little gifts. As Gerry says “I’m in love!”.

They have both settled in extremely well. Eddie will run up the stairs but hangs around the landing to be carried down. Oscar wants nothing to do with the stairs–yet. However, as the days go by they are both experimenting with different adventures in the house. We have laid down runners so Oscar can travel from one side of our long narrow house to the other, up and down. We have observed him sneaking onto to the bare floor especially if there’s food around. He doesn’t seem to mind our slate kitchen floor tiles.

Their favourite spot (with the exception of the bed) is the sofa. They sleep on it while we are gone during the day and there are ample blankies for them to burrow in, along with their own special blankies. If Gerry is laying on the sofa reading they are right on top of him curled up. They both really enjoy their naps. Nothing was out of place on Friday when I got home after their first day alone. They only have to be alone a maximum of 6 hours because of our work schedules. They had been playing with some of their toys and are able to jump up on the couch when wanting a rest.

It only took 5 minutes the first night we had them, Jan. 17, for Gerry to get the futon in his office cleared off. Eddie and Oscar needed to be on it. I’ve been nagging Gerry for at least a year to get it cleared off!

Because of the extreme cold weather we have yet to take them for a walk. They run quickly in and out to the back yard to do their business. We are always with them to make sure they get back in the house in short time. When the weather warms they are going to get a look at the neighbourhood while we proudly show them off after 6 months of not having any dogs to walk. An elderly woman down the street was friends with our little Corgi dog Maizie and when Maizie went she was devastated. Gerry has already told her about Eddie and Oscar and she can’t wait to meet them. Another neighbour who was close to our former two dogs came over on Saturday and got lots of kiss attacks.

Life is complete again. Our home once again is alive and has energy. We love these dogs unconditionally (they are so perfect). There are no bad habits like biting, and they hardly ever bark. Once in a while Eddie will give Oscar hell over something and Oscar likes to watch through the kitchen window from the sofa where he has full view, the neighbours coming and going.

Anne and Gerry