Adopted February 2012

I hope that this e-mail finds you and yours, happy and healthy.  You and the rest of the CCRT do such wonderful work with these wee animals that SO require rescue.  It’s hard to believe that there are so many cruel people out there, isn’t it?

Anyhow, Eliza is doing FABULOUSLY well, and has become a very sociable, lively, and funny little gal!  She even goes to Ed at times, although there is still a bit of hesitation when it comes to all things male.

She truly is my little girl, and I love her so tremendously – I can’t even imagine a life without her in it. When I take her out for walks, she ‘heels’ like a pro, and always looks up (waaayyyy UP!) to me for guidance.  She is a little diva at times as well, enjoying her shower (she prefers going into our walk-in shower and getting clean with a handheld shower head), and especially her ‘blow-out’ following the shower!  She still doesn’t like her nails clipped, but is getting much better!

We’re getting a glider (with a textile roof) and I plan to spend many hours on it with her, reading a book, or just relaxing, and of course, on leash.  She’s very good with other dogs, even the ones that she can run under their bellies when meeting for the first time.  Her favourite little “cute thing” is when she gets excited to see me, and she jumps and dances backwards on her hind legs – she’s very comical.  She is also very vocal, and you could swear she understands every work being said in conversation, as she makes her own ‘vintage Eliza’ remarks,

I guess now that she’s more relaxed and farther removed from the ‘horror days’, she snores and snorts, and is actually a tad rude after meals.  She walks away from her evening meal and actually burps for all to hear; you can’t help but laugh, though.  When I’m down in the mouth, she always comes and cuddles to let me know that she ‘understands’, and it’s actually very emotional, just how much we all love her.