Ginger and Katie have settled in beautifully and are remarkably sociable considering their rocky starts in life. Every small child in the neighbourhood loves them and they love all the attention. Adults who never spoke to me when I walked my old German Shepherd cross now come running from their front doors when we pass. I’m amazed how well they respond to most strangers and I haven’t seen them be truly ugly with anybody. I’ve had to take to walking them after dark; otherwise it can take up to an hour to make it around the block with them and it’s much too hot in the daytime. We’re still having a few problems with heeling and housebeaking, but they try so hard to please and respond quite well to voice commands . They are so sweet and funny I laugh out loud every day.

Like my mother used to say about cookies: take two, they’re small.

My love and thanks to everyone at CCRT. You are a blessing to these tiny dogs and to the people who love them.