She is a perky girl ready to play and follow the lead of Mocha. They don’t sleep together too often in the same bed (although they sleep in adjoining beds) except for a few exceptions. Mocha is also getting used to Ginger’s high level of energy but there haven’t been any squabbles. If I could explain it in different terms: the 2 of them appear to speak a different language from each other or maybe their temperament are just a little different. They like/tolerate each other but don’t particularly seek each other out or at least not on the part of Mocha. They don’t quite know how to play with each other yet. Mocha grew up with her brother. So she is adapting to living with another dog. I think that in time they will become good friends, even best friends!

Ginger was amazing when we travelled just a few days after she was adopted. We went to my hometown in Quebec for a 7 hour drive. The 2 girls hung out in the front open crate just behind us on the back seat. They took breaks to walk, do their business and have a little drink. (Talking about food, we found out that Ginger takes twice as long to eat as our Mocha…because she actually takes the time to crunch her food instead of inhaling it; maybe Mocha will actually learn something from Ginger).

Ginger has learned to go up the 2 wood staircases within a few days but going down was trickier. As she was not ready to go down on her own, we started with 1 bottom step then 2 and after a few weeks and treats and patience…she got it!

Ginger seems to have some anxieties (again, very understandable considering she was found on the streets) which we think will likely continue to be reduced as time goes by. She whines and/or lift one of her paws when unsure. It happens much less then at the beginning.

Ginger was definitely much more of a barker then Mocha or our previous dog but she responded very well to some signals we used for her when someone arrives. She also had to learn to not join in with the 3 barking and 2 howling dogs(5 dogs in total)  in the semi-detached house next to our home. Ginger would bark every time they did but with a quick and firm ”shush” she is 100 TIMES BETTER!

Ginger had to also adapt to not using a pee pad at all. It took her about 2-3 weeks to be consistent (if my memory is correct). She figured out her own way to let us know: pacing and whining but looking perky at the same time! She is now always doing her business outside. What a good girl!!! Not easy to do when the weather is colder!

We continue to use the special shampoo for her contact dermatitis. We haven’t seen any improvement in her condition but it doesn’t matter. We love her just the way she is! BTW, she has the softest skin in her neck where she has no hair growth.

Our favourite times are when we see her BOUNCE like she’s on 4 springs. We also love the way she shakes her toy sheep like she’s ready to kill it. She shakes it so hard that it flies all over; we literally have to duck and hold our beverages as we never know where it is going to hit. It reminds me of the rat terriers when they were bred to chase and kill rats. It is ALL consuming. I would hate to see what would happen if it was a live mouse or other little creature.
Lately, she prefers when Mocha chases the sheep but she always let’s Mocha win. I get that Ginger is the more submissive dog of the 2.

We also love the way she whines with joy and puts her paws on us to greet us and the end of the work day or upon our return from errands.

The best times are also when we prepare for bed at night. Even though we don’t let them spend the night with us, we let them go on our bed while we read, then we say ‘BED!’ and both of them jump down and go to their bed under the fireplace.
We think it is also adorable how Ginger will jump on the bed when we get ready in the morning. On the weekends, she goes up the stairs (after eating her breakfast) to hang out with me (under the blankets) until I get up!

We obviously love to hang out every day on the couch where she likes to go on our lap or under one of the couch blankets.

She is very friendly with people and especially with young children. We found out she is quite the licker!

We are so grateful to have her in our life. She is FOREVER part of our family.

Thank you again for helping us find the perfect companion full of happy energy!