The moment I met Harley, I knew he was the dog I wanted to add to my family. He was cute, sweet, cuddly and shy. Behind that adorable exterior – I saw a glimpse of attitude, and a zest for life.

When Harley came home with me, he was full of insecurities, and needing to learn how to trust again. It didn’t take him long to get over his fears, and learn from his big brother Buster that he could take on the world full of confidence. Harley and Buster became instant playmates, and bonded quickly.

When I come home from work, I am greeted by 2 happy boys, who have obviously had lots of fun during the day. Dozens of toys litter the floor, mats are upturned, and both boys are grinning at the tornado effect they have created. Some may say that Harley is lucky to have found me, but the truth is, I am the lucky one. I feel privileged everyday to watch Harley grow, gain confidence, and receive his unconditional love.