I have to say that this has been quite an amazing experience for me! I’ve adopted from shelters before but never a rescue from a puppy mill. I give so much praise and respect to the groups, like CCRT, who have taken in these loving and beautiful animals.

It has not taken long for our Honey to become a part of the family. She has become very attached to everyone, and we in turn love her so much. I can already see how much potential she has and with patience she will learn so many things! We continue to work on housetraining with lots of praise and treats! She is used to the idea of going potty on grass, with only the occasional accident on a peepad since she doesn’t ask to go outside yet. Or the occasional nervous pee if shes too excited.

Sometimes she will “sit” “come” or walk upright on command for a treat, if she feels like it ;). And she let me know which is her favorite treat and threw the other treat away, funny girl! Honey and my other dog George, a Terri-Poo, have started to lie beside each other. She and George play fetch every day to see who can catch the toy the fastest, what a quick & nimble runner and jumper she is!

Honey has found her sleeping spot between my husband & me, snuggling under the pillows and blankets! After all it’s the best place to be when she needs to ask for a belly rub at night. She has a favourite pink stuffie that she drags from place and loves to nap on it and sleep with at bedtime.

At first Honey had to be carried from place to place but is now slowly exploring and even loves to run to the door with George to greet us! I am so proud of her that she has now learned to go up stairs slowly (with supervision, no down stairs yet). We are very excited for the warm weather to come so we can take her into the yard. She is ok wearing her harness and leash, and will take a few steps on leash, but we are not pushing her if shes not in the mood.

Honey seems to be adjusting well and wags her tail with so much happiness that her whole body wiggles with excitement & delight! Our family is so happy with our new little girl that I can definitely see another Chi in our future! For sure it will be through CCRT 🙂

Laurie & Fernando