It has been almost 7 months since our little James came into our lives and I wanted to update you on how things have been going. He is a such wonderful boy, so full of love and fun. He bounded into our lives and bonded with our family and with our little Emily, the two of them became fast pals and are almost inseparable. It’s quite touching to watch them if one goes outside or they are apart for a short while, once back together, they run into the house and find the other and have a kiss then they run around and wrestle – oh so tough!.

We spent the summer weekends camping at the lake with our Grandsons and Emily and James both loved it – pampered pooches though, I had to camp in a tent but since we got them, we apparently needed a trailer. It is fun though! They went for long walks with Mom and Daddy, and ran around and got lots of fresh air. We also took a family trip to Nova Scotia which was alot of fun and we all loved the walks (or wrestling) along the shore at the ocean, which more than made up for the long car ride. James is quite a good little traveller.

I can’t begin to tell you how happy we are with our James and just how lucky we are to have found him through your wonderful organization! Everyone has been just super to deal with and I will always feel a special bond with James’ foster mom, Lee who took such good care of him and loves him so much.