I am so fortunate to have found my beautiful little girl Kit. We named her Kit as she looks like a little baby fox which is a Kit. I believe her new life began with her wonderful foster mom Sylvie in Ottawa. She and her husband Ash were fantastic for her. She has come a long way from spending her first day with them shaking under their couch. When I first met her she growled and was scared and timid. She was not affectionate and did not wag her tail. In the short time they had Kit she started coming out of her shell. Thank you to Sylvie and Ash for starting Kit on her road to a wonderful life.

Kit has settled in to our household very well. She loves to run around our big backyard. Even though she is small she enjoys walks in the neighbourhood. Once Kit got a little comfortable with her surroundings we started to work with a personal dog trainer. You can see a big improvement in her but she still has some things to work on. She gets more confident by the day and has turned into a very playful little girl. She has two small balls that she chases and carries around. I do spend some time retrieving the balls as well when they get stuck under the furniture. Any small round object will do for Kit so kibble, grapes, peas are all good entertainment for her. She has many toys that she likes to play with regularly. At supper time she sits patiently until she is told to go eat. Kit follows me around a lot as she always wants to know what is going on. Her favourite place is on the mat in the kitchen where the sun streams in. These days her tail wags a lot and she gets very excited about meals, walks, and car rides. Kit just turned one year old a few weeks ago and continues to blossom. We feel lucky to have her in our lives.

Paula Halifax NS