It all happened in May 2008. After a couple attempts at adoption, Doris called me on Mother’s Day weekend and told me all about Betty (now Layla). I was so excited and felt in my heart that she was the one suited for me. Doris was her foster Mom and I cannot thank her enough for her intuition. I fell in love the moment I met Layla and that love comes back to me everyday, unconditionally. She wiggles and dances when I come home from work because she knows we go out for big walks in the neighbourhood. At home we undulge in long tummy rubs before and after dinner times. She is on her best behaviour when we go visiting and gives her love to her extended family. It is hard to imagine that she was abandoned after 5 years of being taken care of, apparently quite well. We are working on schedules and training for good and improved manners. Many thanks to Doris and Terri for their support and help in making Layla’s adoption a blessing in my life.

The CCRT is a wonderful, caring and professional organization that I was fortunate to work with and will continue to support in the years to come.