My name is Lily and I am only 16 weeks old.  I went to my new forever home 10 days ago.  I really love it here, although I’m still getting used to everything.  I have a new big brother “Bobby”. He is 13 years old and is a Chihuahua like me, he’s is not very well, so I try to be nice and calm around him…so far it’s working cause he’s only yelled at me a couple of times.  I also have a big sister, her name is “Robin” and she’s a Pomeranian…whatever that means, all I know is she looks like a teddy bear. She is five years and is very cute, although I don’t think she’s as cute as me!  She is really nice and I bug her a lot, sometimes she growls at me when I’m licking her face or putting my paws on her head (I guess she doesn’t like that so much) but I’m not afraid, cause she is just sooo nice!  Today she was sniffing me and let me lick her face a little bit, so I guess she is getting used to me. Lily

I also three big sister kitties, their names are Boli, Smoggy and Mookie…I sometimes invite them to play with me, but they just look at me kinda funny, like they’re not sure what to do, I guess they are not as smart as us doggies!

I love my new Forever Mum!  I run around after her and when she gets on the floor I give her lots of kisses and roll on my back so she can scratch my tummy!  I have lots and lots of squeaky toys that my mum throws for me…I run as fast as I can to get them and I take them all back to my bed…that is my safe area, I like to bite on them and hear them squeak!

I’m still getting used to my new Forever Dad, he is really nice and lies on the floor and stretches his hand out and gives me treats, I just need a little bit of time to get more used to him, but I know I will love him oodles and oodles.

I am still worried when new people come into my new home…and am very quiet (well that’s after I greet them and let them know I am here with some barks and howls) and then I’m really quiet and I just watch them….I don’t like it right now when they try to get close to me…but I’m sure when I am big and grown up I will get over that.   I hear that my new mum is going to take me to something called puppy kindergarten….that sounds like fun!

My new mum and dad also tell me that when the sun is shining and winter has gone away, I’ll be going outside into the “yard” where I have lots of room to run and play, I can’t wait for that, plus they say that I’ll get to on lots of day trips with them and Robin in the car…Bobby can’t come out on the day trips cause he is a little bit sick and he can’t get too stressed out…but he doesn’t mind, he sleeps on his pillow all day and is nice and comfy.

I thank CCRT and my foster mum Lee and my aunt Terry for taking such good care of me when I was born, I know that my sister Jenna has found a new forever home and I hope that my little brother Rusty finds one soon too!    I miss all of them lots but I am very happy in my new home and know that I will be loved and looked after for the rest of my life here…boy, that’s a really nice feeling!