My husband and I are HUGE dog lovers and wanted a dog of our own. We kept putting it off because I was still attached to my parents dog/my childhood dog, who is still alive and a big part of my life. And then I realized that Bella would never live with me, and I wasn’t willing to deny myself the joy of having a dog to come home to. So for months and months we checked back on CCRT’s website often, and of course we wanted to take home every Chihuahua we saw! And then came the listing for Lucy and Juanita. There was something about them that just made me send an email about them that day. The first time we visited them, I went in there still unsure about whether I was ready to love another dog, and all I can remember is Lucy climbing into my lap, and looking up at me with her huge adorable eyes, as if to say, “Hi Mommy, I’m ready to come home with you now.” They just melted my heart! We knew after the first visit that they were meant to be ours…it just took a second visit to make sure we were ready! So after two trips to visit with them, and a third to sign the adoption papers and take them home, they were officially ours. I got over my fear of having my own dogs, for fear that I would be replacing Bella in some way, even though she was still alive, but I realized (with the help of Terry) that it’s because I love Bella that I wanted my own dog to love…and we were getting two so it was going to be twice as much love!

It’s been two months now since we adopted them, and I can’t even describe in words how much we love Lucy and Juanita. We already love them beyond words, and yet our love for them seems to get stronger and stronger everyday. I’m not going to lie and say it wasn’t an adjustment at first, especially on their part but after the first two weeks had passed, everything since has fallen into place and it’s like they’ve been here all along. Juanita is the sweetest dog EVER! When she stares at you, it’s nothing but love and adoration. And you can just see all her wisdom; like she has something important to say but doesn’t know how to tell you because, well she’s a dog! Lucy always keeps us laughing with her cute little hanging tongue and all her antics! And she doesn’t walk, she prances and marches! And when she wants to be picked up, her big and sweet eyes melt my heart! They are both incredibly smart, and beyond adorable! I find we are less stressed because of them and we don’t seem to sweat the small stuff anymore. Mark comes home from work more relaxed, and I seem to get my school work done a lot faster. I spend a lot of time taking pictures of them and we both constantly cuddle and smother them with kisses! They are truly a blessing.

We can’t thank Lucy and Juanita’s foster mom, Joy, enough. She did SO much for these little souls, and we will be forever grateful for everything. And we know the girls hold a special place in their heart for her as well. We also thank both Joy, and Terry for all their support and belief in us as dog parents. We will never forget you both. The two of you, and CCRT will forever be in our hearts.

Love always,
Amanda & Mark (and Lucy & Juanita) xoxo