Amazing, isn’t it – 1 year old already!! They are having a great time here. They especially love going into the yard to run around. Belle runs and Massimo chases, trying to catch up, but Belle has proven to be way too fast! She runs and hops like a deer! Very adorable!

So since we brought them home, they have adapted very well. Originally, when we weren’t home, we would block them in the kitchen, not knowing what they would do if they had full run of the house. We set up a large “pen” with pee pads, and they took to that immediately. It was apparent very early on that they were going to be such good furbabies!!

Now they have full run of the house at all times. It is fun to watch them chase each other around, and play, even when they aren’t outside. Of course, we had to have them on the bed at night, which they love. Mommy doesn’t get as good of a night sleep, but as long as my babies are happy, that is all that matters! They have truly been a blessing!

Having had them for 4 months now, we have really gotten to know their personalities. Massimo is the “suck” – he wants to be held, cuddled and loved all the time, which is absolutely fine with us! Belle took a little longer to get to that point, and we still see differences in her week to week. She has always liked to lay on the couch with us and cuddle, but we find that now she like to be held “just because”, it is like she has finally realized that this is her forever home. If we are holding one of them giving kisses, the other jumps up on our leg looking for the same loving.

When the sun is shining, you can guarantee that Belle is lying in it. The morning sun comes in the dining room, so we have a big comforter on the floor in there for them to lay on – I think that given the choice, they would spend the whole morning there, chewing bones or playing with their toys. In the afternoon, the sun comes in the kitchen, and you will find Mass laying on the rug by the back door, and Belle laying on the rug under the birdcage – the sun comes in nicely there, and she loves it. She will often take her purple “puppy love” heart there with her. She doesn’t generally leave a room without it. She was a little depressed this morning when I took it from her so I could wash it. When she got it back this afternoon, she was so happy!!

So, for our happy tails, we can’t be more blessed that you let us adopt these 2 little angels. They bring happiness and joy to us every day, we can’t imagine life without them!!!

Pam and Eric

PS – the last vet visit was successful! Belle weighed in at 5.4 lbs, and Mass is 6.2 lbs. They both had a nail clipping, and Belle didn’t make a sound!!