I would like to thank you, with my most heartfelt THANKS, for bringing Max into my life. I feel that many things in life are simply meant-to-be, and Max was one of them. I could not love my little Maxi more! Although Max has only been with me for a month (month and a half?), it feels like he’s been here for ever. He has settled in so perfectly and I almost can not remember a time when he wasn’t here.

He and Roxy spend most days in the company of my parents’ dogs at the home of my parents, who absolutely LOVE their Grandogs, and he has joined the little pack seamlessly. They go racing to the front door together to see who’s arriving, or to simply protect the premises from passers-by, and they eat, sleep, rest, and do pretty much everything together. It is really beautiful to watch them – as though Max has always been here.

I thank you eternally for bringing Max into my life and for expertly preparing him for his new life at my house! His transition has been pretty much seamless and he is very well loved and loves us back equally! It is not uncommon to be greeted by a “love attack” from Maxi at any given moment! He is a beautiful little dog!

Thank you — Candyce