Melanie, so aptly named by the Humane Society staff because she came in to them looking very much like a big watermelon, had been found as a stray in the summer of 2007. Due to her age, obesity (almost 20 pounds!) and possible health issues, the Humane Society knew she would not be adoptable via traditional shelter methods so they contacted CCRT so we could Melanie.

As a CCRT volunteer, I picked her up in mid July 2007 and she was supposed to spend just a few days with me until she could be transported to her foster home in Elliot Lake. However, it proved to be difficult to get her there and she spent almost 4 weeks with me. She very quickly proved to be a comical, loving and extremely well behaved dog. Why she was never claimed from the Humane Society from her owners will remain a mystery for years to come.

Sadly, a few days before Melanie was transported to Elliot Lake, my own Chihuahua, Newton, passed away after having been my best buddy for 14 years. I was devastated and considered adopting Melly, but knew now wasn’t the time to make that decision. Melly left for Elliot Lake and spent 2.5 months in excellent foster care being spoiled rotten.

Finally, in October 2007, after having kept in constant touch with her foster home and growing to love Melly more and more, I realized I needed her and perhaps, she needed me too. On October 20, 2007, we drove from Ottawa to Elliot Lake and back (on the same day!) to pick her up and bring our baby home.

It took a few days for her get settled again but in no time she was back to her clownish and adorable ways. Melly likes to sleep late and loves belly SO much she actually will fling herself onto her back just for rubs. She will sit pretty, give a ‘high 5’ and dance for treats. Melly also enjoys her walks a lot – sometimes, she gets so excited when she sees her harness that instead of just sitting down normally to have you place it on her, she shoots her back legs out so her behind falls to the ground. Melly has also lost a remarkable 5 pounds and while she still has a few pounds to go, she in well on her way to a healthy, happy weight.

She has instantly become my best girl and while Newton remains my angel in heaven, Melly is my angel on earth.