Migo and Quita joined our family in April 2010. My husband and I were looking to adopt a youngish Chihuahua who loved other dogs, as we had a Canaan Dog (Tungsten) already and I manage a doggie daycare.

We ended up with two 7 and a half year old Chihuahuas, who could probably take or leave other dogs. I was worried about how they’d feel about Tungsten, and how they’d adjust to coming to daycare 5 days a week. Quita came home over weight but actively working on slimming down, and Migo was a little nervous and awkward about being picked up. They were nearly impossible to walk… once on a leash they’d shut down, and get us all tangled up. Well, I needn’t worry for long!

They took to Tungsten very quickly, and he loved them instantly. Migo sleeps on top of Tungsten regularly when they’re on the couch, which nearly made me cry the first time. Daycare is a complete non-issue for them, they walked in the first day and claimed a bed, and now completely rule the roost. Quita’s weight is now a healthy 10 lbs and her body condition is wonderful with only mild weight watching. Migo, though still awkward with new people, warms up quickly and is completely malleable for his daddy and I. And the two who couldn’t move when harnessed and leashed now truck along like mini-marathoners! Quita especially loves her little walks. We joke that we should have named her Dora the Explorer – once her nose is to the ground, she’s off searching for whatever she can find. Migo is much more concerned with keeping daddy and I in sight. My husband who so badly wanted a dog of “his own” finally has one. Migo follows him everywhere and is over the moon to see Daddy at the end of the day. Quita is a mommy’s girl and would much rather be spending time in my lap than anything else.

They come to family gathers and soak up the attention (and the table scraps!). When I hosted a large barbeque over the summer, Migo and Quita rose to the occasion occupying laps and basking in the sun. They also have a favourite hobby of picking on their cousin Randy, a 1.5 year old Rottweiler mix who thinks being chased around the back yard by Migo is just the best game ever. They love to go in the car, and are very comfortable with long drives.

The best thing about these two is how much work they do breaking the typical Chihuahua stereotype. Everyone they meet comment on how sweet and quiet they are, and I regularly hear “I don’t like little dogs, but these two I could handle!” or “I always thought Chihuahuas were yappy and biters!”. I’m so proud that these guys show so many people how fun and feisty Chihuahuas can (and should) be.

I am writing this Happy Ending for one main reason – I’m hoping that possible adopters may read it and see that mature dogs are ABSOLUTELY an option! I understand the allure of a puppy, but mature dogs have so much life and love to give and you’re not missing out on anything but sleepless nights during potty training and puppy destruction.

So, thank you CCRT, for bringing our family together, and for all the work you do for these wonderful big dogs in little packages!
Ashley, Mike, Migo, Quita and Tungsten