Here is our new little dog. He seems to have settled in very well. He has a number of toys, and if you ask him to bring one, he goes off and gets the one you asked for – usually. This is something he has learned since arriving with us.

At night, he joins us on the bed shown in the photos, while we watch a movie. He doesn’t pay much attention to the movie, as you can see, but he certainly knows how to relax with the family.

He has gotten much better at adapting to visitors. That was a problem at first. He is more relaxed with children as well. He was extremely nervous with kids when we got him. He does not like to go in the car, it seems. He complains before we get in, and shakes until we’re up to speed. He’s fine on the highway, but when we slow down at the end of a trip, he starts to whine and shake again. Not sure what that is about.

He loves to play, and will run after his ball or his coy for half an hour at a time. He was afraid of the dark initially, but that is gone now.

Brian and Dina