Paco is 11 years old and came to live with us from a rescue in Massachusetts. We wanted a companion for him, as we did not want him to spend the work day alone. We first adopted Mojo…


We adopted Mojo (then Cooper) from CCRT in December 2008 at the age of 2. He had an unhappy background and it was very rewarding to aid him in overcoming his fears. He is still a bit wary of the freezer door and strangers. He has adapted well to our household. He is a source of endless entertainment. He makes the most amazing sounds when he is playing. He is loving and loyal and has firmly attached himself to my husband. When he is not playing with Mia and Paco, he is in my husband’s lap or on his shoulder. I have even seen his turn down food in favour of his Poppa! I can’t imagine a more faithful dog.


Mia (then Mimi) came to live with us from CCRT June 13, 2010. She fits into the mix perfectly. Mia loves everybody and everything. She has the sweetest disposition and doesn’t display any aggression whatsoever. I don’t believe she spent much time walking outside. Everything seems to be a new discovery. An ant, half of an acorn, a feather, they are all reason for great excitement. She is a joy. Although she has bowed rear legs and can stumble and fall, she runs at top speed around the apartment and plays and wrestles with Mojo. Once she has tired herself out she has a nap in my lap or in her crate under a blanket. Then she is off and running again. There is no stopping this girl!

Both Mojo and Mia have excellent appetites and both use the pee pads and go outside.