Morgan has been with me for just a few months now and he is a very different dog these days! His early beginnings had left him one very frightened Chi, but boy has he blossomed!

When he first got home, he would spend a lot of time in his doggie bed. He learned instantly what a pee pad was meant for and after getting him comfortable with the feel of a leash and harness, it took him a short time to learn about going potty outside. He now always waits to be taken out and will only use his pad if he didn’t happen to agree with the weather conditions outside. Any time he sees his harness, he bounces around excitedly in anticipation “am I going somewhere?!” He has even taught himself to push his own head through the harness. Once a nervous nelly, he now always sits perfectly still at the front mat when he gets home, so it can be removed and he can hop back into his bed.

Recently, after just one weekend visit with his dog cousin, Morgan learned what petting was all about. Seeing his cousin trot over to various members of the family for full body massages, got little Morgan thinking and he now, he LOVES to be petted. He even learned a new trick called “touch” which gets him to touch his nose to your hand first before he gets rewarded with a rub down.

Morgan has come a long way but we’re expecting that in a year’s time he will be much more comfortable as companion dog.The city is scary place for such a little guy but the wonderful thing is that he really tries hard to learn whatever his human family is trying to teach him. It’s hard to remember what a frightened little guy he once was. He’s a completely different dog these days and something tell us, we’re still in store for some more wonderful surprises 😉