Just a quick note to let you know how well our little Mouse is working out. He gets along with Ogden as if they were born to be a pair. Ogden looks after him and Mouse follows him around and imitates his big brother. They play together for a while until Ogden gets tired then Mouse spends time trying to find Ogden. They can keep you laughing for hours.

Mouse is truly a gentle little soul. He has no idea of how to bite–he mouths you like a retrieving dog that has soft lips. I often wake up with his tongue licking my nose or chin. He is our pride and joy along with Ogden. The small barking problem is well under control now.

Mouse and AllanFrom a veterinary view Mouse is what we call a “Companion Dog.” He is a companion for an older dog-Ogden. He keeps Ogden young by giving him more exercise and provides the older dog with someone to compete with and emulate and when the inevitable happens the transition is easier. He is one great little guy and we will love him for many many years to come. Thank you and the Chihuahua Rescue Society for putting us together.