Ollie (a.k.a. Oliver) came to be with us on May 25, 2011. He is getting along well with his playmates Chester and Sarah (Beagles) and is the youngest of the pack. He definitely gives the other two a workout with his agility and swiftness.

Ollie has become my “Velcro” baby, following me wherever I wander through the house as well as making it known when he wants to be picked up or sit in my lap.

I discovered the hard way that Ollie has no concerns with sticking his head in my coffee cup in the mornings either.  He snuggles in bed at night, either on a pillow or under the covers.

Ollie has learned how to use the doggie door and has gotten used to letting himself in and out with the other dogs. Ollie is both a joy and a pleasure to be with, he has definitely brightened our household.

Thank you CCRT for giving me the opportunity to enjoy Ollie’s company.