Hi my name is Panda but my mommy loves to call me her China Doll because she thinks that I have the most beautiful sleek eyes.

I came to live with my new family in August of 2009.  At first, I was scared, everything was so new and big and there were no smells that I recognized.  I didn’t know what to think.  I soon realized that with all the love and affection that I was getting in my short time being there, with so many play toys and two doggy beds, I knew deep down that my new family would and take good care of me.  I was so excited to see that I also had an older furry chi, named Chulo who, I was told, would be my big brother.  At first I found him mean and non-sociable, he didn’t even acknowledge me.  I just wanted to play and jump all over him.  He would not have any of that.

I am happy to report that with time, Chulo has learned to accept me, in fact I think he even likes me, as he lets me sleep next to him and lets me take over mommy’s bed and blankets, there’s even times that he licks me all over when he thinks I’m not looking.  I try to remember not to bite him so hard as he growls at me when I bite his back legs, he just doesn’t get that all I want to do is play.  Mommy takes us on long walks every night because she tells me that I have way more energy than a chi should have.  I have lots of new furry friends that I socialize with at the park and lots of people telling me that I am so cute.

I want to thank Terry and CCRT for finding my new family; I think I love them more than they love me.  I am so happy to be in my new home, I get lots of love and kisses and daily training treats.  Mommy bought me a new pink harness with diamonds and matching leash for those long walks.  I can’t wait to see what overcoats she has for me in the winter!

I am at my forever home!

Thank you.