Pedro has certainly settled into our family and hearts without any difficulty. He’s such an awesome dog who is either zipping through the house playing or snuggled up with someone snoozing. He is such a smart boy, so tolerant, and extremely loving. He wants to please us and be praised.

We were very concerned about how Pedro would interact with our 95lb black lab cross, Luther. Luther was also a rescue and has been extremely spoiled since we adopted him four years ago. There was nothing to be concerned about, both boys get along fabulously. They play together, sleep together, and even eat together without any trouble. The two of them certainly have something in common, they just want to be loved…and loved they are!

Pedro enjoys his two sisters. When their school bus leaves in the morning he cries, when they arrive home from school his bum wiggles as fast as it can. Every night when we check on the girls before we go to sleep, Pedro joins us. He jumps onto their beds so that he can sniff and kiss them while they sleep. He never complains when he’s being dressed up…even when his costume is a pink ballerina’s tutu!

We are thrilled that we found Pedro and that he’s a part of our family. He’s a fun little boy who has brought so much joy to our family already.

Thank you CCRT for rescuing our sweet little boy Pedro! Every volunteer we met and/or spoke with was amazing and so genuinely concerned about placing each rescued dog into the best home. Terry, Alicia, Tricia, Celena, and Kathie thank you for answering all of our questions and for your valuable advice. Pedro thanks you too!