The moment Princess entered our front door she was greeted by my two sons Benjamin and Tyler, my two dogs Posey and Timmy, and my two cats Bacci and Sabrina. All six gave Princess a warm welcome. She instantly became a member of our large family.

I adopted Princess after losing my best friend Maggie, a 17 year old Chihuahua, from heart disease. My Maggie was very ill for many years and because my husband is a Veterinarian, she received the best medical care possible during the last years of her life. I wanted to give the same love and care to another senior dog. That was when I found Princess at CCRT. She is the sweetest and gentlest creature ever. I wanted Princess to enjoy that last few years of her life.

We adopted Princess knowing that she has a heart murmur. Once she settled in with us, my husband did blood work and did chest x-ray’s on her. He immediately put her on heart medication and a bronchodilator. She is doing very well. You would never know that she has heart disease . She enjoys going for long walks with my son and having catnaps on her Elmo chair.

I would to thank Trish and Terry giving me the privilege of having Princess become part our family.

Ornella and Princess