I was in deep mourning and didn’t expect to ever meet another dog that I could love like Sophie. I was having a difficult time coming to terms with her passing so when I called Terry Fogel, merely to inquire about a dog whose picture intrigued me, the last thing I expected was to end up with Reg.

Reg was not the dog I called Terry about. I’d seen his picture but I’d never had a male dog before and hadn’t really considered getting a male dog or indeed having another dog in my life so soon after Sophie left me. Terry, whose wisdom knows no bounds, suggested I take a look at Reg (who was at that point called Razzie). I looked at his picture and read his bio. Logged off and then couldn’t stop thinking about him. I logged on again and there he was grinning at me. After several days of this I arranged to do a quick meet and greet (what a joke, Terry and I knew the outcome before I even got in the car). I drove to Tillsonburg and there was “Razzie” with his foster mom, Dona.

To say that he’s handsome is selling him short. You’re immediately drawn to him because he has a sweet face, beautiful markings and colour and the most amazing way of walking. He prances like a show horse. He’s alert, curious and all boy. He’s 7 years old and like a human boy, ready to soak up everything the world has to offer.

If it stinks, he has to rub in it; if it moves quickly, he has to chase it; he gulps down his water after an exhausting walk (which in his case means running and jumping and speed-walking) and will then look at me, burp and produce a small puddle of said water. He’ll lick it up though – what a thoughtful guy.

He has managed to destroy all the toys marked “indestructible”, he’s torn all his blankets and eaten the legs off of all his toy monsters and other rubber animals. He prefers the Mickey D’s of the dog world (treats and snacks) to the healthy organic food that he has to eat. He’s a fierce protector as long as I’m standing in front of him and there is serious danger that once you’re his friend, he’ll lick you to death. His licks start out with “man, I’m really glad to see you” and finish with “man, that sweat on your arm tastes fine!”.

He enjoys his daily massage and I get the “look back” if I stop before he’s ready. He will wear out my throwing arm before he slows down playing fetch. He doesn’t need any help getting up or down anywhere. And he smiles. He smiles all the time. When he greets me, his entire body wags – and I might only have stepped out the door for 5 minutes. He’s always genuinely pleased to see me. He makes me laugh every day.

I cannot cuddle him enough. He snuggles and cuddles and makes “lovey eyes”. Sometimes he’ll be in the middle of a game or a walk and he’ll look at me with his lovey eyes and I know that he’s happy. And so am I.