Ricky, formerly Chicho, has been with me since April and has adjusted very well to condo living in the sky! He quickly got used to the elevator and now enjoys waiting for it to come. He chases his sister (Ethel, a 8 year old cat) but is learning that she doesn’t always want to play.

He enjoys car rides and has his own car seat. His Mexican hairless side makes him cold, even on warm nights but he loves getting dressed and is quickly building a wardrobe that is better than mommy’s! He is a sweetie who loves to snuggle and just passed obedience school. He is ready to take on Toronto!

He is a great boy and feels like he has been with me forever.

Special thank yous to Wendy, his foster mom for taking great care of him and to Terri for matching Ricky and me together.

Melissa & Ricky