A he is adorable
B he is beautiful
C he is a cutie full of charms
D he is delightful
E he is elegant
F he is a feather in our arms…
yes just like the song I could go on all day!!!

Rudy is in his ever home now, he fits in with his buddies Morag the dachshund and Lucy the other long haired rescue chichi. Rudy sings his song of welcome when we come home and does his twirly dance and silly runs all over the house!! He no longer has corneal ulcers, all cured and his dry eyes are no more. He loves the sunshine and bathes in its rays whenever he can along with the rest of the gang. He is always ready for a walk even in the rain and follows like my shadow everywhere. He is our much loved boy, affectionate, loyal, feisty, a lap lover and bed bug at bedtime. We could not do without him now!