We adopted Sadie on Feb. 5/2012 . Margaret and I after very long deliberations decided that Moe our other chihuahua needed a new companion. We had lost our other good friend Eddie in November. We knew that Eddie could not be replaced and would be in our hearts forever but being the pet lovers we are decided to go ahead.

After long hours checking out all the dogs that needed a loving home we met Sadie. Right from the beginning deep down we knew she would be the one. Sadie is a very loving and happy dog, was not shy during her visit with us and Moe.

In the short time she has been here it`s like she has lived with us forever. She and Moe play together tug of war with their stuffed toys and run and play in the backyard. It’s like they have grown up together. Sadie loves to cuddle and often one of us will have both of them on either side on the couch. It is common for both of them to snuggle up in bed with us. We love her spirit and the way she will come up to you lie on her back for belly rubs.

Sadie is trully a great addition to our family and has already given us hours of joy. Moe loves having a friend to play with the change in him has been great.

We can`t thank Canadian Chihuahua Rescue and Transport enough for their dedication and proffesional approach to taking care of all these animals.

Thank you for putting a glow in our hearts.