Hi, my name is Sasha and I am an 8 year old chi/terrier cross. I had an original owner who could not care for me and so last September I came to CCRT.

I was adopted in December and although my adoptive family was very nice to me, it didn’t work out very well and I was taken care of at ccrt again. My new foster family lives in Scarborough and has another senior chi cross named JoJo. When I first arrived Jojo was a little jealous, although my foster kids, Hanna and Emma we very quickly in love with me, Jojo took a little longer. My foster parents readily let me sleep on their bed, have my crate in the kitchen and gave me a huge back yard to run in . Within a few days Jojo, my step brother and I learned a little about each other, he likes to take my food and I learned what was his and how to stay clear of him if he was frisky.

As well I have lost a little weight because we run and run in the fenced yard like youngsters. I am thrilled with my new family, they are thrilled with me and all is well, especially since they adopted me after two weeks. I am very grateful for all the hard work that the ccrt did for me and how easily Terry found me a new family.

So long CCRT, I have a forever home and look forward to meeting my next foster brother or sister if the need be, here with Hanna, Emma and Jojo.