SHE IS AMAZING!! We were told she has trust issues and as of yet we haven’t seen any. She is sooooo loving cuddly, and funny!! She makes me laugh every ten minutes I’m sure. I love how when she wags her tail her whole body wags not just her tail. I don’t know if you guys know this but she loves to smile!! My husband makes her do it and it cracks us up. He says do you love your daddy? and she grins at him showing her top teeth. What a hoot.

She is great on a leash we were told she wasn’t but again we had her out for a walk on Sunday and she handled great. She loves the car and LOVES TIM HORTONS DRIVE-THROUGHS! It didn’t take her long to figure out that when we go through the drive through she will get a plain Tim Bit which she adores!!

Scarlet and my cat Lola are getting along great now it took my cat a couple of days to realize that the dog was here to stay. She had her nose out of joint for the day yesterday but by last night Lola and Scarlet were curled up together in bed with Mommy and daddy. Scarlet ADORES playing with my kids they run circles around the dinning room table and when the kids stop she will bark and bang her two front paws on the floor as if to say come on you two again! Again!

Like I said she is a blast, I can’t get enough of her kisses and snuggles and I love how excited she is to see each of us when we come in the house even if we have only been out for a minute or two. I will send you guys some more photos when I get some and I will keep CCRT up to date on how we are making out with Scarlett…and when we will be ready for another baby! Any ways hope to hear back from you soon.