My name is Sophie and I was recently adopted into my forever home. I now have a mum, dad and a sister all living in my home and another sister overseas and a brother and sister-in-law who live in Aurora. My at-home sister looks sort of like me (four legs, covered in fur but she speaks a foreign language – it’s full of “meow this” and “hiss that”).

I was quite scared when my new mum picked me up as I’d been staying with my foster parents, Heather and Isaac, and they are lovely, kind people who took care of me when I really needed help. I want to let them know that I’ll never forget them.

Last week, my mum brought me home in a car and gave me my very own furry pillow, I brought my blanket with me and it made me feel safer. The pillow is very soft and I’m able to snuggle down and fall asleep immediately as soon as mum covers me up. My brother and sister-in-law visited me and brought me my very own cuddly baby. I cuddle her whenever I go to sleep.

Every morning I have my routine: mum wakes me up and we go for a walk. When we come back she feeds my sister and then me. I get to have lots of kisses and hugs and my mum tells me all the time that I’m very beautiful. I was getting a bit self-conscious as many people had told me that I was “chubby” or even “fat”! Mum says that’s not true. Mum says all I need to do is firm up a bit. Mum thinks I’m pure muscle; she also thinks that I’m “curvy”. She can see my true potential.

Most of the time when mum goes out she takes me. Right now I’m not really strong enough to walk too far so mum carries me part of the way. It’s very exciting as I get to see the world from two different levels: high and low. I’ve been on the bus, the streetcar and the subway. I’m so well-behaved that people constantly let my mum know that I’m the most beautiful dog, the smartest dog and of course the best-behaved dog in the world. I can’t actually hear them say that, all I see is the people smiling at me and mum but she assures me that they are thinking those things in their minds.

This morning, when mum was having her coffee, I was cuddled up next to her on the sofa and Nellie, my sister, was sitting looking at us. Later on, Nellie sat on mum’s lap. I know that I bark at Nellie every now and then but it’s because I don’t understand her when she speaks. It’s getting better though. We both like to cuddle and mum says that she has room to cuddle both of us and I believe it. I know that I’m going to be safe in my forever home. I know that I’m going to be loved and adored in my forever home and I know that eventually even my sister, Nellie, will get used to me and I’ll get used to her.

Mum says I should add that she’s soooo happy as now our family is complete.