Feb 1st 2007 was the best day of my life, even though I didn’t know it yet. I was adopted out that night to I guess a very nice lady by the name of Debbie. She wrapped me in a blanket and in the car we went. I arrived home to meet my new family. First to greet me was Hayley, the wheaten. What a blonde bomb shell. We hit it off right away. Then came Natalie-Cole the standard poodle and Blu the cat. They all seemed nice enough. Well, now 11 months later all is real good, I love Hayley the best. We sleep together, play together and I wrap myself into her arms and we kiss. Natalie makes a great fur blanket, soft and big. And then there’s Blu. It’s a real love hate relationship. You chase me and I chase you. Life couldn’t be better.

Now for my mom Debbie. Every morning and every night she tells me how much she loves me. She kisses my neck and tickles my arms and I love it. I have lots of toys and I get to chew Bullwinkle’s and I have a dog pillow bed that really all mine. We lie on the couch and snuggle together and I always fall asleep in her arms. I’m never too far away from her.

Life is still pretty scary in the real world outside my house and probably always will be. But at home I’m happy and feel safe.

I love my family. Don’t they say home is where your heart is. Mine is in Richmond Hill. As 2008 approaches, I know I’m looking forward to a great year Happily ever after