In June of 2009 I lost my best friend Wally. He was a 17yr. retriever mixed rescue dog. When he passed away I needed close to a year to grieve my great loss.

I have been involved in animal rescue for many years. I always took home the pets that nobody wanted and they filled my home with fun and love. I met a little Chihuahua down the road from my home when she was just a pup. First reaction? Going to be yappy! I never wanted a Chihuahua for that reason. I grew to understand that not all Chihuahuas were yappy.

I pulled up the site and saw little Teddy and also that he was rescued with a Chihuahua named Chi-Chi. They came from the same home when rescued and had bonded.

I now have four dogs and seven cats. I picked up the boys on Good Friday, 2010. The 10-hour drive was more than worth it!!! I got the boys home and was nervous because these were the first small dogs I ever had. The first week was great. I kept Sandra updated; it gave me a support person who had the knowledge of small animals.

That first week, the little guys stole my heart. They are and always will be, a wonderful part of my life. Their transition was easy and they bonded with me immediately. Chi-Chi was the first one wanting my attention and little Teddy followed suit. My heart and home is now full of joy. I will never replace a wonderful companion like Wally, but the huge void in my heart is now filling up with the joy of Teddy, and Chi-Chi and all my other pets.

Thanks to CCRT for their quick response and also to Sandra for being there when I really needed her.

Patricia, New Brunswick.