Welcome Tequila!  Our newest family member, she is a very loving, spunky 3 year old with a smooth black coat and dainty way about her.  Neither she nor I are morning people and I love that she has the same squinty eyes and lazy look that I feel when getting up!

We started the process with the C.C.R.T.  thinking of a buddy for our much loved Chihuahua-mix, Amigo.  This last summer he had a bit of a health set back, which made my husband and me finally decide, now that our sons were much older, two Chihuahuas would be just as good as one.

After viewing the C.C.R.T website, picking out possible matches for our family, we filled out the application.  Terry (Regional Co-coordinator) called me the next day. Right away I could tell how devoted she was to the chihuahuas; having herself fostered the inadaptable, picking up new dogs at the airport and honing her computer skills to send me bios of dogs available.  Very shortly after we had a home visit by Jean, with adorable mom & daughter duo, Ginger and Katie in tow.  Now we were set to adopt.

For us, our biggest concern was the right match for Amigo.  He is a very laid back, soon to be 9 years old.  He is lovely with everyone and gratefully appreciated by us; not a barker.  Who knew in a short time a little lady would come into our lives with such similar traits that you would think they were raised together.

Terry kept us informed of a few dogs, some would be adopted out before we could see them, others were just not the right fit for us.  We have the advantage of having older sons, aged 17 & 20 so we could take a dog that was not a good match for a young family.

Terry then told us about Tequila, as soon as she sent us the pictures we were hooked.  She is a Mini-Me of Amigo!  The visit was meant to be, we were both home the weekday Terry called and said the foster mom could meet us at her house.

Wendy was Tequila’s foster mom, who already had two dogs of her own (2 foster cats had just been adopted).  I thought, now there’s a young woman who fits a lot in on her lunch hour.  She was warm and relaxed about us bringing Amigo.  Everyone ‘checked’ each other out and it was all good.  I thought there might be an immediate bond or stand off but there wasn’t.  Wendy was really helpful in knowing what to expect and how they interact.

We told Terry as soon as we got home that we were interested.  She let us know someone else was in the running for her, the process then goes to a committee to decide who would be the best fit for her.  We were immediately smitten and hoped it would be us.  Wendy called me with the good news the next day.  Warren signed for her and brought her home right after Thanksgiving.  The entire process from start to finish was fast and efficient.

We surprised friends and family, fooling some when she went to the door first; they thought Tequila was a slimmed down version of Amigo.

Tequila has ingratiated our lives (and our faces with kisses) as if she had always been a part of our family.  She is still somewhat timid around our boys, I think their general size being the issue.  They let her come to them and cuddle her or throw stuffed toys to both of them.

Amigo is a new man, with a diet change, some medication and exercise with Tequila of course.  They both love to sit in the sun like cats, mostly together.  Amigo has his favourite heating vent at the front door, Tequila’s vent is in the kitchen under the short cabinets on her blanket she brought from Wendy’s home.

All the people involved in the Canadian Chihuahua Rescue and Transport are of like mind.  They find good homes for deserving chi’s.  I appreciated their honesty as to whether we were right for a specific dog and vice versus.  Everyone is looking for a forever match (whether canine, feline or human).  Thank you to all, we couldn’t have done it without you.