This little guy is Tiger, he is two years old, he was 11 months old when he came to his “for ever home”. He was afraid of every one that he saw, and would always hide behind me, he knew I was his mom right away, and I always picked him up and reassured him that everything was o.k. But in time with lots of tender loving care he’s doing fantastic, he’s come a long way. He loves the backyard and loves chases the birds away from “his” yard, he loves his walks and loves being cuddled. He has a best friend named Duke, he is my daughters jack-russel, they play all day long when they are together, they really have a ball. Tiger has brought a lot of love, joy and happiness into my life and I’m gratefull and so lucky to have him. I thank God every day. I love my little munchkin. 
Sara and Tiger