We were looking for a little person to add to our family. We looked on this site and saw TIKI.  The questions and answers  started.  Our concern was her age. We at first wanted a younger dog. Well that sure changed. We decided to adopt and expected it to take awhile well we got fooled. The people at CCRT do not fool around. The transport was arranged and we received TIKI Christmas eve.  The best Christmas present ever.

With her age we thought there would be a long adjustment period, but not with her.  At first she was timid and shy,  back away from everyone, snarl, growl, and wanted to  stay in her crate. That lasted 2 days,  slowly she started coming out on her own coming over for cuddles, and now she is all over you. Plays ball, chases you around the house to play,  jumps up on your lap doesn’t care where you are sitting she just wants to cuddle. Her favorite place already is beside daddy on his chair, there is not very much room but she gets in there. Well it just goes to show that age does not matter that all these furry friends all need and deserve a second chance at finding happiness and a forever home.

Thanks so much to CCRT and all the wonderful people involved we now look forward to many good times ahead.

[ Tiki: 1995-2006 ]