Timmy has only been with us for about two months, but it feels like he has been a part of our family forever! After our precious Stanley passed away in 2009, there was such a hole in our hearts. We didn’t want to get another chihuahua to replace Stanley, so we knew that any chihuahua we did adopt had to have a personality all his own. And then we met Timmy!

Timmy strutted into our home and into our lives like he had just been away on vacation. He will roll over anytime, anywhere, if he thinks he can get a belly rub. And he is quick to jump into someones lap and welcome them with a kiss, like he did his “grandpa” the first time he met him!

Our 3 year old daughter has taken such a shine to Timmy, and Timmy to her. The two of them play together every day, and Timmy loves to curl up with her at bedtime and listen to stories. I often find them on the couch snuggling together, or playing dress up. Timmy doesn’t seem to mind carrying her purse, or wearing bunny ears on his butt! He’s such a good sport.

He’s charmed our neighbourhood as well, and is friends with many of the neighbour dogs. He even has weekly play dates with the shihtzu across the road, and it’s so much fun to watch the two of them frolick and play! They both seem to really like each other, and will curl up together on the couch once tuckered out.

We’d like to thank CCRT for all their help in bringing Timmy into our lives. The joy he has brought to our family (and friends and neighbours!) in such a short time is immeasurable, and we are so grateful. And, we think Timmy is pretty happy too!