My name is Whammy!   I am soooo happy in my new home, I have lots of other furry siblings to keep me company, so I’m NEVER truly alone.  Lily is my favourite sibling, she came from CCRT too, so we have lots in common!

I am totally spoiled, my new mum and dad already bought me a new harness, it’s camoflauge and my dad calls me Whambo when I wear it…he thinks it’s very funny when he does that.  I have new sparkly charm for my collar and already have 3 new sweaters!    There are lots of dog beds in my new home, but I really prefer to be on my mum or dad’s lap, which is fine by them.   I get to sleep in their bed too!

I have a big back yard that I can run around in and I love to go for long walks on the weekend.  I don’t like to be alone very much when they go to work, but I know as soon as they get home, I get to be with them for the whole time.    They keep telling me to look forward to something called Woofstock, they say that I’m going to love it, I’ll get to go out with them for the whole day and with my sister Robin (she’s kind of a beauty queen or something).

I have lots of toys to choose from and play with them sometimes on the couch, that’s if I’m not sleeping on a lap, which is my absolute favourite thing to do.  I like to give big kisses too, my mum says I give sloppy kisses, but she doesn’t seem to mind, sometimes I give Lily kisses too, she loves when I do that!     My mum and dad sometimes just look at me and tell me how much they love me and how very cute I am, they say that they are very lucky that they were chosen to be my new parents, I feel the same way too!

I want to say thank you to my foster mum Jean and to my friend Terry at CCRT who took me in and found me this amazing place to live, I am finally home again!

Love Whammy